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Ethical Hackers Factory

A targeted learning pathway in ethical hacking.


Learn the foundations of network security, penetration testing, and bug hunting.


Dive deeper into advanced techniques and strategies for ethical hacking.


Take your skills to the next level and join the ranks of red team professionals.










Join The ETH Factory

Ready to be an ethical hacker?

All Levels Limited Seats
ETH-101: Foundation

Starting date: 07/08/2023
30 Hours 5 Weeks
Intermediate Limited Seats
ETH-201: Proficient

Starting date: 12/09/2023
30 Hours 7 Weeks
ETH-301: Practitioner

Starting date: To Be Announced
Lama Beayni
"Enrolling in Semicolon Academy was a great decision. We acquired a solid understanding of cybersecurity and ethical hacking under the guidance of expert instructors and a supportive community"
Carlos Ziade
"I recently took the ETH 101 and was impressed by the wide range of topics covered, skilled instructors and valuable hands-on lab exercises. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning more about cybersecurity"
Mohamad Sleiman
"I was torn between investing in the course and purchasing a new phone, but after experiencing your trustworthiness and professionalism, I'm confident that the investment in the course was the right choice"
Muna Mourtada
"I recently completed the Ethical Hacking 101 course and it was amazing. The course material was well-organized and the instructors were knowledgeable and supportive. Overall, I highly recommend this course"
Christian Gemayel
"The instructors were top-notch and the course material was engaging and relevant. I have gained a deep understanding of the different hacking techniques and how to protect against them. Highly recommended!"
Jana Haraki
"It was a great pleasure meeting your professional team and having the chance to learn this course which helped me a lot, and thank you for always being by our side and answering our questions even though we've finished the course"
Majd Mostafa
"As a student with no prior knowledge in the field, it is challenging to find trainers who can effectively convey information, but your course was an exception, your communication was smooth and effective"
Hasan Samhat
"I am now well-versed in ethical hacking thanks to the comprehensive course I took. It was an investment that I never regret. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build their skills in this field"
Hussein Turfah
"I was blown away by the content of the course, it exceeded my expectations. The academy, the course, and my classmates all contributed to an unforgettable experience that I will always cherish, as they became my family"
Zaki Chamaa
"The choice to enroll in Semicolon Academy was a decision that paid off immensely, thanks to your engaging teaching style and the supportive and friendly community that developed among classmates"
Oussama Assaf
"I had heard of your reputation and accomplishments in the field of ethical hacking, and now, as one of your students, I am determined to make you proud and carry on your legacy of excellence"
Pierre Awad
"The 101 course was exceptional. The level of detail and the motivational teaching method make it a 5-star experience. The instructors go above and beyond to encourage questions and discussions, even outside of class time."
Hassan Cheet
"I had previously taken multiple courses but never felt fully confident in my understanding of the material. This course was different, it provided a clear and complete understanding, I finally grasp everything 100%"

Recent Happenings

Stay informed about our latest events and activities

Mentorship session for GIL program, UNICEF

Mentorship session for GIL program, UNICEF

Bug Hunting Workshop at BDD

Semicolon Academy Team Takes Part in DevFest 2022 Extended at Beirut Digital District

Meeting with MP Tony Frangieh

Semicolon Academy Team Meets with MP Tony Frangieh to Discuss Cybersecurity in Lebanon

Semicolon Hackers Meetup SHMQ4

Semicolon Academy Hosts Successful Hackers Meetup

Interview with Kassem Bazzoun on Al Jadeed TV

Interview with Kassem Bazzoun, Co-Founder of Semicolon Academy, on Al Jadeed TV

Participation in DevFest North Lebanon

Semicolon Academy Team Takes Part in DevFest 2022 North Lebanon at Balamand University

Participation in DevFest 2022 Beirut

Semicolon Academy Team Participates in DevFest 2022, Organized by Google Developer Group (GDG) at Lebanese American University (LAU)

Interview on Sky News Arabiya TV

Interview with Kassem Bazzoun, Co-Founder of Semicolon Academy, on SkyNews Arabia TV

Meet Our Mentors

Semicolon Academy is proud to be led by a team of esteemed industry professionals in the field of programming and cybersecurity. With extensive experience and a wealth of accomplishments, our mentors have established themselves as leading figures in their field. Their guidance and expertise provide our students with an unparalleled educational experience.

Saugat Pokharel
Cybersecurity Expert

Bug bounty is an adventure. If you accept the challenge, get ready for huge rewards! Is there anything more exciting than hacking big companies and getting a reward for it?

Kassem Bazzoun
Bugreader Co-founder

Programming is the common language of the future, and it will be as important as any traditional language. Learning programming has become a necessity.

Rony R Kay
Cybersecurity Expert

The stereotype shows the hacker as a bad person aiming to harm people, but in fact, there is another type of hackers who makes every effort to keep you safe in the cyber world.

Ahmad Halabi
Managing Director at Resecurity

We live in a cyber world driven by technology and data. Cyber Security is one of the most important and rewardable Areas worth learning and investing your time and knowledge in.

Joe Balhis
Security Expert

To protect the sheep, you sometimes have to become the wolf. Ethical hacking looks at systems from a criminal’s perspective to fight cyber crime.

Hassan Taleb
Founder of Swifty Compiler

Programming is a battle with yourself, and there are no losers. You and your code are fighting, and the winner is the whole world.

Majd Dhainy
Cybersecurity Expert

Finding security bugs in a giant companies software is challenging and exciting. You can never imagine what it's like to be rewarded by them till you give it a try!

Sameer Rao
Cybersecurity Expert

It's never too late to start bug bounty journey. Right skills and smart mindset can unlock lots of opportunities in bug bounty programs.